Rockabilly Music Has A Tradition Of Silly Themes Presented In No-Nonsense Rockin' Style

Among the more curious elements of rockabilly is that many times the styles of rockabilly tunes had the tendency to be rather ridiculous. You might nearly state that there was an art to taking a silly style that may otherwise condemn a tune to the classification of "novelty tune" and making a genuine rocker out of it. The music was so energetic and genuine that these tunes might not be shrugged off rather so quickly. Here are a couple of wacky examples that show exactly what I indicate.

“Hound Dog": Clearly among the most well-known rockabilly tunes of all, Elvis turned these silly lyrics into a rippin' rocker that entirely defied anybody to laugh. Elvis typically went so far as to turn his live efficiencies of this tune into funny regimens. Take a look at an old tape of him performing this tune on the Milton Berle reveal to see exactly what I indicate. The tune is an out of breath rocker that implies overall business from Elvis' growling lyrics to Scotty Moore's manic lead-guitar solos.


" Blue Suede Shoes": Carl Perkins made a sort of routine of composing tunes with rather wacky lyrics and this tune-- Carl's greatest hit-- was as goofy as other. It's a tune about a person so consumed with his shoes that he permits for you to "do anything that you wish to do" as long as you do not step on his valuable blue suedes. The tune, music, and instrumentation are all business. This was the very first tune to fly to the top of each of the pop, nation, and R&B charts and it truly shows the genius that was Carl Perkins and his capability to combine these divergent designs into the brand-new music called rock-and-roll.

" Bi-I-Bicky-Bi, Bo, Bo Go": The nutty title of this tune states all of it! It leaves no doubt that Gene Vincent was so positive in his capability to rock the fans that he might call a tune whatever he wished to, even if the title made no sense whatsoever. The tune is frenzied and very high energy and is a terrific example of a rockabilly tune that entirely releases and tears your house down.

" Duck Tail": A down-right ridiculous tune with lyrical material in the exact same vein as "Blue Suede Shoes" (that makes a cameo look in the lyrics of this tune), just this time the man's worried that you may screw up his hair rather of his shoes. There are a number of actually terrific variations of this tune that appeared in the 50s. Joe Clay had an excellent variation, however the supreme variation is most likely that by Rudy "Tutti" Grayzell. In any case it's a nutty tune lyrically, however musically it's a wonderful rocker!

" Hop, Skip, and Jump": The Collins Kids were actually simply kids when they began cranking out fantastic rockabilly. Little Larry was currently a beast guitar player by age 10 and Lorrie was a stunning girl with a magnificent voice. Because they were so young, they were at first placed to sing tunes oriented to kids (which discusses why this and a few of their other tunes were sort of ridiculous), however they rocked them so extremely that they interested the older crowd too. This is a ridiculous, however cool tune!

" Flying Saucers Rock and Roll": Billy Lee Riley and His Little Green Men tape-recorded among the most remarkable silly-themed rockers of all with this far-out tale of visitors from Mars boiling down to rock the earth. The opening guitar riff lets you understand immediately that this is major rock-and-roll in spite of the kooky lyrics.